FAQ Miniloop

Some people liked my board and got a free sample 🙂 Unfortunately, I’m now faced with some support issues and want to summarize the most important aspects for getting started:

  • First of all: You do this at your own risk! I can’t give any kind of guarantees or support for the board or what you do with it. Please respect local law and regulations when you build your board.
  • NEVER power your Pi with a power supply when the board is connected. The board has no safety functions at all and I have no idea what happens with the voltage regulator or the connected battery when you connect a power supply to the Pi.
  • You have to solder one jumper on the board which was not described in the previous post. I made a picture to show you how to connect. However, in general you should consult the schematic to answer such questions.
  • The oref0 setup doesn’t support the board directly, but you can follow the install instructions for general RFM69HCW radio modules here.


BUT NOTE: I stopped working on this board, as Adafruit released the RFM69HCW Bonnet board, which is a Pi HAT with a radio transceiver and a OLED display. It’s also supported by the oref0-setup. I’ll post some more information about it soon.

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