Building upon AndroidAPS? [EN]

Because of my blog post „Completing AndroidAPS objectives – the developer way“ many people contacted me to complain about the objectives. As I wrote in my article I see the need that people using AndroidAPS should have some kind of training, but I don’t like the way how it’s done today.

Also there are many other „functions“ in the app I find annoying (or patronizing). For instance:

  • Objectives (of course)
  • Spamming me with text walls when I want to give a second meal bolus
  • Try to kill me with SMB after eating something as hypo treatment
  • Many restrictions in the „Actions“ plugin
  • Warnings with 1g carbohydrate suggestions (seriously? 1g ??)
  • Version update warnings

Also I find there are missing features, such as:

  • Logging fitness tracker data
  • Using fitness tracker data for looping
  • Interface for „Alexa“ commands
  • Some kind of useful reminder for missed meal bolus

I thought about building a modified AAPS to takle these issues but the developers have some measures to make this harder than expected. For example, I just found a module to check the signature of the APK and compare it to a black list. If your signature is on the black list, the app will stop functioning.

In summary, using AndroidAPS as basis for your own app might be tricky. It takes a substantial amount of work to clear the code from all the „safety“ mechanisms to make sure the devs can’t pull a self destruction trigger, or leaking data, or something like that. I still don’t know if it’s worth my time to follow the „own app“ path…

What do you think about the measures of the devs? Do you think that’s the good right of the devs or is it violating the spirit of open source? Let me know in comments down below!